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SMAN Sumsel (Sampoerna Academy)

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Here, I continued my study. I felt so lucky that I could enter this great school. As we know, this school gave their students full scholarship, living dormitory, and complete facilities. Around 1 thousand students from any region try to registered in this school, and i became one of those students. Actually, i was give up to enter that school, but my family still supported me. Then, my spirit was bigger than before, i felt like i already enter that school. I remembered also that my mom ever said that “Don’t Give Up Before the War Began”. Next, when I wanted to send my profile or the first test, i felt so nervous….

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The Beauty of Islam

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Here are some pictures the beauty of Islam. As we know that Islam has so many variety of mousqe and etc….

Thanks For Watch It 🙂

SMPN 1 Talang Kelapa


After I had studied in SDN 21 Talang Kelapa, I continued my study to SMPN 1 Talang Kelapa. When, I was there I meet so many kind persons from the students, teachers, and also the seller. Although, the distance of my school from the main road is far, i still could be so spirit because of the support from my family and my previous school. Then, my ability in this school is challenged by another students, because I knowed that this school is one of the favourite schools in this area. So, i tried to study more focus than before.

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My Group Bulletin

Assalamualaikum, wr.  Wb


“ Dan bagi setiap orang  ada memiliki arah yang dituju  ke arah mana dia  menghadapkan wajahnya. Maka berlomba-lombalah kamu dalam berbuat kebaikan. Di mana saja kamu berada pasti Allah akan mengumpulkan kamu sekalian. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Kuasa atas segala sesuatu.” (Q.S Al-Baqarah 2 : 148)

Ayat diatas menjelaskan bahwa bagi setiap umat manusia harus mengumpulkan amal pahala sebanyak-banyak mungkin karena di suatu saat nanti amal itu sendiri akan jadi penentu demi masuk surga.

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7 Best Europe Movies by Danang’s Sites

1. Transformers 3

It’s the best movie for me, because when you watch this you’ll feel like in the modern era. You’ll see so many robot from the cars. Actually, it’s about Autobot that want to keep the Earth from the Decepticonts. Then, there’ll be so many fighting about Optimus Prime and friends….Watch it now!

2. Madagascar 3

For this movies, i really recommended to you because it’s so funny and we can study about a family. This movies is about a group of animal that want come back to their zoo, but on the way they find a police animal hunter. Then, a group of animal join to the circus for save from the police.
Do you want more?….Buy it now…

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7 Recommended Games by My Self

1. PES 2012 (Pro Evolution Soccer 2012)

I though it is the best game that i ever played. I never bored when i play this game, then it can improve my self in making strategy. The amazing from this game is it likes the real. Then, we can make our own master league or even become a legend, an ordinary is we can make our own club boss….It’s really nice 🙂 But, there’ll be a PES 2013, Hope it’s Better!…..

2. Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3, a game which has a high display so then it likes the real. You’ll had so many kinds of conflict, here your strategy and ability to shoot is needed. You’ll save the city from the teroris…Then, to finish it I need two weeks. TRY IT….!!!

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SD Negeri 21 Talang Kelapa

I still remembered when I was in my elementary school. I really proud with that school because from there I can improve my ablility in academic. Then, i could also find so many good friends. Actually, the distance of the school from my home is far, but everything i did for education because       i wanted better education…. Read the rest of this entry

My First Post :)


I’m Danang Ainal Hakim, but people around me usually call me as “Danang”. I was born on 1996 years ago. I live in Palembang, a very beatifull city. Actually, i created this blog because of a project from my IT class. We need to get a score from this blog, so I hope there’ll be so many visitors to come to my blog. My hobbies are playing Hockey n futsal. Those hobbies start, I played when I was in Senior High School. I was interest when i see my senior play it with their spirit….

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