My First Post :)


I’m Danang Ainal Hakim, but people around me usually call me as “Danang”. I was born on 1996 years ago. I live in Palembang, a very beatifull city. Actually, i created this blog because of a project from my IT class. We need to get a score from this blog, so I hope there’ll be so many visitors to come to my blog. My hobbies are playing Hockey n futsal. Those hobbies start, I played when I was in Senior High School. I was interest when i see my senior play it with their spirit….

I’m a Liverpudlians, it began when i see Liverpool FC win 6-0 with ?….At that time, I saw Steven Gerrard n cs play very well, unlucky now Liverpool FC almost becomes the Losers. But, for me it’s nothing, a fans is a fans, so we need to always support them….

I’m also a gamers in my mind, I have played Battlefield 3 n 2, PES 2012 n 2011, Crysis 2, etc…

Hope there’ll be so many visitors….

Thank You!


About danangahgoblog

I like to eat meatball n chicken noodle, then i am a Liverpudlians....

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