7 Recommended Games by My Self

1. PES 2012 (Pro Evolution Soccer 2012)

I though it is the best game that i ever played. I never bored when i play this game, then it can improve my self in making strategy. The amazing from this game is it likes the real. Then, we can make our own master league or even become a legend, an ordinary is we can make our own club boss….It’s really nice 🙂 But, there’ll be a PES 2013, Hope it’s Better!…..

2. Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3, a game which has a high display so then it likes the real. You’ll had so many kinds of conflict, here your strategy and ability to shoot is needed. You’ll save the city from the teroris…Then, to finish it I need two weeks. TRY IT….!!!

3. Crysis 2

Actually, it almost the same with Battlefield 3…but, it less challenges. Although like that, this game still very interesting. Here, you’ll fight with the army and aliens…Then, the weapon are so modern….You Should Try It!

4. SBK X

A motorcycle game, the positive from this game is better than moto gp. Here, you’ll train your passion, and your accuracy also your strategy. But, the insteresting one is you can make your rider from zero to hero…TRY it Now….!

5. Dynasty Warriors 6

In my mind, it’s the best game for fighting. You’ll be a fighter that should win from the enemy….This warrior game also has so many improvement, from no jump action to jump action, then, the characters also increase and more complete…Choose IT! But, the Dynasty Warrior 7 will release soon.

6. Need For Speed The Run

A adventure racing car game with a high displaying so, you’ll feel like in the real. Here, you’ll be a police racing also….then, you’ll get more cars and more challenges….

7. Burnout Paradise

A adventure racing car game with a good challenges. Then, you can get a classic racing cars and doing fighting with another cars. You shuld make many TAKEDOWN from another cars to be the winner…Play it…!



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  1. I’m waiting for PES 2013

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