7 Best Europe Movies by Danang’s Sites

1. Transformers 3

It’s the best movie for me, because when you watch this you’ll feel like in the modern era. You’ll see so many robot from the cars. Actually, it’s about Autobot that want to keep the Earth from the Decepticonts. Then, there’ll be so many fighting about Optimus Prime and friends….Watch it now!

2. Madagascar 3

For this movies, i really recommended to you because it’s so funny and we can study about a family. This movies is about a group of animal that want come back to their zoo, but on the way they find a police animal hunter. Then, a group of animal join to the circus for save from the police.
Do you want more?….Buy it now…

3. Puss in Boot

This movies is about the adventure of a cat with their friends which are nuts and girls cat. As you know, the cats are so cute…..Their ambition is to get gold egg…from a giants swarm. You’ll see so many great action, etc….TRY IT!

4. Kungfu Panda 2

It’s continuing from kungfu panda 1….So, here panda will try to know where he is come from. You’ll see so many fighting about Panda and the gank….Panda also try to study about new attack…Will he find about his self? Watch IT!

5. Narnia 3

An adventure movies which has a great action and science fiction. You’ll find a classic war about a group of people that want to solve a mystery in their city. Then, they should also collect 7 swords . And, you can study also about teamwork and care about others. JUST CHOOSE IT NOW….

6. The Adventure of Tintin

A movie that adapt from the comic in the long time ago, which about a kid detective that try to solve a “Mystery”. He wants to solve about Unicorn. Then, you’ll see so many great action of his adventure and he’ll also meet a partner which is sailor, so they are together for solve it.

7. The Legend Of Guardian

A movies which about two of birds that catch by evil group. One from that try to escape but the other one just want to stay there to be a evil bird. While escape, you’ll see so many actions. Can he escape safely?…..FIND IT!


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