SMAN Sumsel (Sampoerna Academy)

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Here, I continued my study. I felt so lucky that I could enter this great school. As we know, this school gave their students full scholarship, living dormitory, and complete facilities. Around 1 thousand students from any region try to registered in this school, and i became one of those students. Actually, i was give up to enter that school, but my family still supported me. Then, my spirit was bigger than before, i felt like i already enter that school. I remembered also that my mom ever said that “Don’t Give Up Before the War Began”. Next, when I wanted to send my profile or the first test, i felt so nervous….

2 weeks later, i got a news from facebook that i passed the first test. I was so happy at that time. So, from that i started to study more focus. At the second test, i brought enough clothes and etc. I felt so nervous again. Then, in the test day, i felt very confidence. As the result, i could pass all the tests proudly. So, i just need to wait for the result. Then, the next 1 weeks i got visitors from this school, they said that they want to interview my family and i. After that, they said that i just need to wait 1 more weeks for the announcement.

1 weeks later, i got the information from the facebook again. And, i was pass….I was so happy and sad at that time, i said thank you to my mom, my father, little sister, and my older sister….

Finally, i could enter this school and i did orientation like usual school…and i got X.4 Class….

You can read the continuing of this story:

1. X.4 Class

2. XI Science 1


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