Lebaran with My Family

This month, I did Lebaran with my lovely family because I had holiday 2 weeks from my school. I started holiday at 16th August 2012 until 29th August 2012. Lebaran with my family was very nice and happy. In my house, all my family members help each others. My mother was busy cook food for Lebaran, then My older and little sister help her. And, I helped my father cook the chicken. After we have done all, we feel satisfied with our job. Then, we prayed together and ate together too…..

On the first Lebaran day, we went to our neighbor, our family in Air Batu and we did halal bi halal. I also tasted so much food and drinks from each house. Then, on the second Lebaran day, we went to Palembang. We used 2 motorcycles to go there. And, it took 2 hours. In this Lebaran also, I got so much money from my family. I could also see the happiness from my family. I hope this Lebaran can erase all faults from us and we can get our Fitrah this Lebaran…




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I like to eat meatball n chicken noodle, then i am a Liverpudlians....

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