Hi, guys…come back with me…

Now, I want to tell you about our living in dormitory. Actually, we have 4 dormitories which are building A, B, C, and D. But, the school divided it 2 for girls and 2 for boys. Then, when I was the first time in this school, I got building D as my dorm. At that time, I have 4 roommate who were Abang Raven Dwi Pawangsa, Kak Tegar Satria, and Akhmad Zaki. The number of that room was D-207.

Then, when I was in the second semester, the teacher moved all the students. As the effect, I moved to room D-102 with Kak Bagus Hariyanto, Akhmad Zaki…and A*m Kak B***a. I think all my roommate are so kind.

Next, when I am grade XI students, I got a new building and room that are building B and room B-210. Here, I stay with Lion member which are Kak Ocky Pradikha Riadi, Roy Darmansya, Akhmad Zaki, and Jerry Octavianus. And, I feel it’s the best from that I ever have…



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