7 Moments Manchester United vs Liverpool FC 23-09-12


I’m Liverpudlians, I just wanna review about last match of Liverpool FC. As I had seen before, Liverpool FC was lose with Manchester United with score 1-2. So, I’ll tell you 7 moments on that match:

1. RED!!! Card for Jonjo Shelvey….

Actually, the match just started normally but when it was at 39 minutes something happen. Jonjo Shelvey got a red card just because of tackling Ryan Giggs. I knowed that tackle is dangerous but I think the refree should give a yellow card first or anythinh else….

2. The Strongness of Raheem Sterling

Raheem Sterling, a young boy from Liverpool FC that has agreat effort for playing. He always try to do the best. As we can see from his style of playing that never wanna be lose form the other player. He has also a great technique and dribbling speed.

Maybe ….he can be the next Luis Suarez….

3. A Penalty because of diving???

This goal cause MU win 1-2. Then, this goal because of Antonio Valencia diving. Yeah…. you can see the video of that fouls. Even, I had seen it 5 times. And I saw Antonio Valencio felt down first before Glen Johnson tackling him.

4. The Fisrt lose in Anflied when against MU

As I know, Liverpool never be lose in Anfield Road when against Manchester United. But, for this time we were lose. Then, as a good suporter and team we should accept this condition if MU is one of the good teams in BPL.

5. It was not The First 3 Point….

Liverpool Fc…You’ll Never Walk Alone…

As a good suporter I will suport Liverpool FC until got the first 3 point in BPL….. and I don’t want the other say Liverpool Fc is a historical team because we just can proud with the history of Liverpool FC itself.

6. The Power of Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard is the only one captain for Liverpool FC. He always try to be teh best midfielder that balancing his team. Unfortunetly, the other player still trying to adapt in team….

Keep Spirit Steven Gerrard….

7. No more Fighting, OKay!

When we heard Luis Suarez and Patrick Evra, we remembered about the last accident or we can say as racism. But, for that match I didn’t see any fighting between those player. I hope football is football, it’s teamwork not fightwork…..it should be fairplay right?


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I like to eat meatball n chicken noodle, then i am a Liverpudlians....

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