I almost format all my data in my harddisk or even flashdisk. For my harddisk, it can detect by the laptop but the laptop ask me to format it first…At that time, I was so confused,,… while the flashdisk can accept my file, it’s about 5GB.

But, finally I solve it after Iask my senior in my school. Here is the solution…

1. For your HDD error

Try to open your cmd, by typing it in search program and files.And, you need to write this chkdsk /r /f h*: and then, press enter and wait until it’s normal again.

*it based on your HDD location, e.g Danang (f), so just change it with f…

2. For Your Flashdisk

As I know, it can’t because your fashdisk system is FAT32. And it just can copy a file with 4GB max. So, you need to format it and change the system into NTFS.


And also I just want to share to you, why my RAM just 2 GB while I had 8GB, it’s because I use windows 32-bit. And it just has the max until 3GB. SO, if you want your RAM is full…just change it ti windows-64 bit.

Thank you


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