How to Put A Music in Your Blog

So, here are the ways:

1. Open the

2. The, find the music that you want to put on your blog by writing the name in search soundcloud, e.g Owl city-to the sky. And, press Enter

3. Choose one of the musics there, and click share button and choose based on your blog.

4. e.g WordPress. Click wordpress icon and click customize your player.

5. Edit based on your want, like the colour.

6. And, copy the code to your text code…(the down one)

And if you wanna change the place just put this code

<div style=”display:scroll;position:fixed;top:20px;left:0;”>
[put your own code]<br><img style=”visibility:hidden;width:0;height:0;” border=”0″ width=”0″ height=”0″></div>

*orange colour, just change with your own code



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