Solo Camp, Mantapppp

It almost 3 weeks, but I still can’t forget about Solo Camp activities. Running, rolling, everythings we do. Even, I remember that I didn’t take a bath….

Now, I want to tell you about my experinces there 🙂

First day, it was on Thursday. My school went there by using rent bus. It took almot 2 hours. I know that we will traine by AU in Lanud Palembang. So, I prepared our mental and phyical because I know that I’ll have so many challenges there.

After we arrived, they asked us to line up. I saw a scary faces from them….he…he…he

But, I had ready for it. Then, we walked around 2 hours. It really tired for me and the other. I just thinked that I almost collapes. And, we could arrived at the bivak place. It was near with the small lake. And, I could see the real forest near with us. Then, we ended the day by making bivak and making food.

Second day, It was on Friday. On the morning, we ran around the Lanud place. The air was so fresh and it made my body be more spirit.

Then, we prepared for cooking. It was not really difficult, but we need a great teamwork with others to make it easier. On the afternoon, we went for Friday prayer. After that, the rain was coming, it was a great time for AU to give a lesson for us to ddin’t affraid with anything. They asked us to take a slayer that was our house icon. But, it was not easy because they asked us to rolling and doing what they ask to us. After we got all the slayers, they asked us to change our clothes and prepared for our dinner. And, here we made the bivak from the nature, it was so difficult.

Finally, it was on Saturday, the last day in the camp. In think that I was so happy. The camp it self ended by a ceremony, and all faces were change even the AU mentors, they gave a great smile to us…..


*the pictures will be update soon 🙂


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