My Dream?

“Dream, it’s my dream” and “What’s your dream?”…

When I heard those sentences, I’m being confused. I don’t know what my dream is. Since Junior High School, I always thinking about it.

First, as I know that I wanna be a police but it change because I don’t want be the smallest policeman. Then, when I see my father job I directly think about something which is Architecture but my mother asked, “Are you sure?”

After that, I started to think about new dream or goal in the future. And now, my friends in my Senoir High School almost have their own dream which one of them is doctors. But, now when I know about my self, I would join Electro Technique. And, how to reach it?

It’s secret because I’ll do as hard as I can…it just like what Pak Dahlan Iskan said in PSCC Talkshow: “You don’t need a comment, but you can know it by yourself and be a good person”.


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I like to eat meatball n chicken noodle, then i am a Liverpudlians....

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