As we know pempek is the special food in Palembang. Then, i just amaze that pempek has so many kinds such as:

1. Pempek Adaan

One of the best pempek that has shape like a small ball. It usually contain some vegetables. And it dangerous for you because if eat once you’ll want to eat more beacuse it wil jumping-jumping in your stomach,and the price is cheap because it just Rp.1000 actually. And, I think that it the famous pempek in Indonesia.

2. Pempek Telor

Pempek that has an egg inside it. Usually people bought this pempek because it delicious and also it can make your stomach full.The price is same with Pempek Adaan.

3. Pempek Kulit

Skin being pempek, no it just use fish skin for the pempek. So, we can say that fish is very useful in anyparts for pempek. The colour usually gray or dark gray, and the price is Rp.1000. And, it’s the scariest pempek that I ever seen.

4. Pempek Lenjer

Pempek that has long…..long….shape. Usually people bought it for a family for long time. And, the prices is not same every place, such as Rp.5000 or even more than that. But the important one, this pempek will enough for many people…

5. Model and Tekwan


Another kind of pempek actually, but they make the pempek swimming in the sauce. And, they just modify it with some noodel and angel hair (bihun). Finally, it become model and tekwan with some mushroom….hmmmm very delicious. But for model it use pempek telor while tekwan usually use pempek sago. The price is Rp.3000 until Rp.6000.

6. Pempek Panggang

Fried pempek, it usual, but this pempek is one of the innovative one because the way to cook it is by roasted. Then, it almost same with adaan but it will be roasted and add some ingridients inside the pempek. And the price is Rp. 2000 for each.

7. Lenggang and Martabak Egg


One of the pempek that make by roasting it. And this is also one of the modify pempek because the pempek will be cut as small parts and add with an egg. The price is Rp.5000. While martabak is pempek that cook with an egg and actually it almost same with lenggang but it will be eat in the sauce. And, it price is around Rp. 10000.

8. Pempek Kapal Selam

Kapal selam make into a pempek. Yes, maybe the cooker actually think about that thing. So, now on this pempek also being one of the famous pempek in Indonesia. The enthusiasts also so many from anyplace because it is so delicious and good looking. And, the price of this pempek is around Rp.5000 until Rp.15000.

9. Pempek Kates or Pastel

A very old pempek…..It has a shape like Doraemon’s pocket but there is kates inside it. Usually it will be sell in elementary and junior high school. But now on, it’s so difficult to find, maybe to hard to find the kates. At that time the price was Rp. 500-

But, in my mind all kind of pempek have the same taste and ingredient….he…he…he

Palembang as kota “Pempek” International.

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