Can I Go Earlier? (Spoof Text)

Last week, a boy wake up and cleaned his bed. His name was Picky. He looked very busy for five minutes later because he would go for two days for holiday. After he had everything, he went to the nearest airport, Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II, to go to Bali. Then, he bought a ticket and waited for a long time.

“Excuse me, Sir. What time will we go?” asked him.

“One more hour,” answered the officer.

But, after two hours his plane hadn’t gone yet. Even, the officer just gave a pack of rice and said to the passengers that the plane was delayed for two more hours. Finally, he could go by Tiger Air. In Bali, he enjoyed everything. Suddenly, he got a great idea for the airport officer later.

The last day of holiday, he decided to go back by Tiger Air again. But, before he went to the airport, he bought a pack of rice. Along the journey, he smiled proudly of his idea. Then, when he arrived in the airport, he directly met the highest officer of the Tiger Air. He then gave a pack of rice that he had bought before and said, ”Can I go two hours earlier?”


When he gave a pack of rice to the officer of the Tiger Air and said,”Can I go two hours earlier?”


He wanted to go earlier two hours because before he ever got a pack of rice and delayed two hours.


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