My Book Review

Jemput Aku di Pintu Surga. A Umair Al-Amr. Sidoarjo: Mashun, June 2009. 288 pp.


A book I enjoyed, Jemput Aku di Pintu Surga, was written by A Umair Al-Amr. It is a romance book which took place in Sidoarjo in 2009.

The novel sketches the life of Joko Sutikno known as John, a man who, after spending years living alone, finds a girl for himself. John is an architect in a consultant office. He meets a friend, Dave, which later on becomes his close friend. Dave has a sister called Sarah. John falls in love with her but unfortunately she passes away so quickly and leaves him alone again. Afterwards John dies.

There are many strong characters, such as Joko Sutikno or John, a young man, who works as an architect and is looking or a woman to be his wife, and Dave, a man who has two wives but never feels satisfied, and also Sarah, a virtuous and godly woman whom John falls in love with. The character I admired most was John because he symbolizes for the true Muslim. He loves to help others and is loyal to his wife, Sarah.

One of the incidents which made a lasting impression on me was when Sarah suffers from a serious sickness. John feels very sad but he doesn’t know what to do. Sarah can only pray to Allah. They cannot do anything besides praying and praying.

I think this novel is suitable for students, especially Senior High School students, because this novel leads them to be strong, care about  others, and never give up. This novel also tells us how hard life is actually.


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