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Data Diri Danang Ainal Hakim (DAH)


XII Science II Coba-coba

My Book Review

Jemput Aku di Pintu Surga. A Umair Al-Amr. Sidoarjo: Mashun, June 2009. 288 pp.


A book I enjoyed, Jemput Aku di Pintu Surga, was written by A Umair Al-Amr. It is a romance book which took place in Sidoarjo in 2009.

The novel sketches the life of Joko Sutikno known as John, a man who, after spending years living alone, finds a girl for himself. John is an architect in a consultant office. He meets a friend, Dave, which later on becomes his close friend. Dave has a sister called Sarah. John falls in love with her but unfortunately she passes away so quickly and leaves him alone again. Afterwards John dies.

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Can I Go Earlier? (Spoof Text)

Last week, a boy wake up and cleaned his bed. His name was Picky. He looked very busy for five minutes later because he would go for two days for holiday. After he had everything, he went to the nearest airport, Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II, to go to Bali. Then, he bought a ticket and waited for a long time.

“Excuse me, Sir. What time will we go?” asked him.

“One more hour,” answered the officer.

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If-String Task


As we know pempek is the special food in Palembang. Then, i just amaze that pempek has so many kinds such as:

1. Pempek Adaan

One of the best pempek that has shape like a small ball. It usually contain some vegetables. And it dangerous for you because if eat once you’ll want to eat more beacuse it wil jumping-jumping in your stomach,and the price is cheap because it just Rp.1000 actually. And, I think that it the famous pempek in Indonesia.

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My Dream?

“Dream, it’s my dream” and “What’s your dream?”…

When I heard those sentences, I’m being confused. I don’t know what my dream is. Since Junior High School, I always thinking about it.

First, as I know that I wanna be a police but it change because I don’t want be the smallest policeman. Then, when I see my father job I directly think about something which is Architecture but my mother asked, “Are you sure?”

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How to Put A Music in Your Blog

So, here are the ways:

1. Open the

2. The, find the music that you want to put on your blog by writing the name in search soundcloud, e.g Owl city-to the sky. And, press Enter

3. Choose one of the musics there, and click share button and choose based on your blog.

4. e.g WordPress. Click wordpress icon and click customize your player.

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Solo Camp, Mantapppp

It almost 3 weeks, but I still can’t forget about Solo Camp activities. Running, rolling, everythings we do. Even, I remember that I didn’t take a bath….

Now, I want to tell you about my experinces there 🙂

First day, it was on Thursday. My school went there by using rent bus. It took almot 2 hours. I know that we will traine by AU in Lanud Palembang. So, I prepared our mental and phyical because I know that I’ll have so many challenges there.

After we arrived, they asked us to line up. I saw a scary faces from them….he…he…he

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A Unique Fact About Angry Birds

Do you think Angry Birds is real?….

Check it out

And, do you think that pictures are real???

The answer is no. That just an editing picture from one of an Angry Birds lover from India, Mohammed Raoof. His edited those picture only in one hour. So… now, you know that Angry Birds is not real and it just an imagination.

And, I want to tell you that the meaning of Angry Birds. Angry Birds means the birds make the player angry. And, Angry Birds is not a app game or even product, but it’s a brand.