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7 Moments Manchester United vs Liverpool FC 23-09-12


I’m Liverpudlians, I just wanna review about last match of Liverpool FC. As I had seen before, Liverpool FC was lose with Manchester United with score 1-2. So, I’ll tell you 7 moments on that match:

1. RED!!! Card for Jonjo Shelvey….

Actually, the match just started normally but when it was at 39 minutes something happen. Jonjo Shelvey got a red card just because of tackling Ryan Giggs. I knowed that tackle is dangerous but I think the refree should give a yellow card first or anythinh else….

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7 Player That Made a Great Techniques Based on This Blog

1. Roberto Carlos

He ever made a great goal with a great technique. It was before World Cup ’98, at that time he shooted a strong freekick into Fabian Barthez goal. As you know, his shooted was curved on the air or we usually called it as ‘Banana kick’….and then a goal was made by him.

2. David Bechkam

As we know, David Bechkam has a great kick. He always make a goal from the freekick. I called it as the second master of ‘Banana kick’.

3. Zinedine Zidane

Even he ever made a big mistake on the final World Cup 2006, he still become a legend. A red with Materazi doesn’t make any sense if we seen his penalty goal, that usually we called as ‘Panenka’. It’s also continue by Pirlo on semifinal Euro Cup 2012.

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Yeah….Now BPL or Barcylas Premier League is start. All clubs start to be the best. Today BPL can be the competition for Chelsea, Manchester United, and Manchester City. All England clubs competate to buy the match player for their clubs.

On this first weeks, my lovely club, Liverpool FC had lose from West Brom Wich Albion 3-0. Although, it likes that I never give up to hope LFC win the BPL. And, also there will be so many big match on the next week. While, the other clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea had won. Then, Manchester United had lose too from Everton 1-0, and Arsenal FC had draw with Sunderland 0-0. After that, I saw Liverpool Fc draw against Man City, I can see that Liverpool FC can be better…

I hope Liverpool FC will be better soon!

And Don’t forget support your own team…

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