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My Projects

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Here, I want to tell you about my projects, which are Biology and Art.

Those homework are the most difficult…because it need passion and long time. As you know, I needed 4 days to do Art project and then, I needed a week to do Biology project. For Art project I need to draw a Majapahit culture and make point on the picture while for Biology project I need to make an herbarium about mahogany and make the description about that tree…

Finally, I could finish all in my home…so in the school I don’t have any project anymore…


Above that are the pictures about my projects.



As we know, THR is Tunjangan Hari Raya. But, for my school THR is Tugas Hari Raya. Yes… this holiday I had so many homeworks. There are Art Project, Biology, Civic, Physics, English and Math…

Actually, it started when I was grade X. At that moment, I also had so many homework but I can be spirited and finished all. Now, I am grade XI student, I also had so many homework. Here I want to tell you about my homework….

First, Art Project make a drawing about Majapahit culture, then, Biology Project is make an herbarium about Mahoni and make the data about it self. Next, Civic and Physics Project is study for the exam later, English Project is do the Quick 100 Quiz and Math Project is find 10 questions about pertidaksamaan linear and solve it. All projects will collect when I have come back to the school. So, in this Lebaran, I also stress with those homeworks, but I need to be more spirit. My family also helped me on doing those project like My father helped me doing Math project, My mother helped me doing Physics project, My older and younger sister helped me doing English and Art project. I want to say thank very much to them…in this Lebaran. And, I hope my family can be closer by having my THR. Thanks THR….:)

Lebaran with My Family

This month, I did Lebaran with my lovely family because I had holiday 2 weeks from my school. I started holiday at 16th August 2012 until 29th August 2012. Lebaran with my family was very nice and happy. In my house, all my family members help each others. My mother was busy cook food for Lebaran, then My older and little sister help her. And, I helped my father cook the chicken. After we have done all, we feel satisfied with our job. Then, we prayed together and ate together too…..

On the first Lebaran day, we went to our neighbor, our family in Air Batu and we did halal bi halal. I also tasted so much food and drinks from each house. Then, on the second Lebaran day, we went to Palembang. We used 2 motorcycles to go there. And, it took 2 hours. In this Lebaran also, I got so much money from my family. I could also see the happiness from my family. I hope this Lebaran can erase all faults from us and we can get our Fitrah this Lebaran…