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Data Diri Danang Ainal Hakim (DAH)



As we know pempek is the special food in Palembang. Then, i just amaze that pempek has so many kinds such as:

1. Pempek Adaan

One of the best pempek that has shape like a small ball. It usually contain some vegetables. And it dangerous for you because if eat once you’ll want to eat more beacuse it wil jumping-jumping in your stomach,and the price is cheap because it just Rp.1000 actually. And, I think that it the famous pempek in Indonesia.

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How to Put A Music in Your Blog

So, here are the ways:

1. Open the

2. The, find the music that you want to put on your blog by writing the name in search soundcloud, e.g Owl city-to the sky. And, press Enter

3. Choose one of the musics there, and click share button and choose based on your blog.

4. e.g WordPress. Click wordpress icon and click customize your player.

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A Unique Fact About Angry Birds

Do you think Angry Birds is real?….

Check it out

And, do you think that pictures are real???

The answer is no. That just an editing picture from one of an Angry Birds lover from India, Mohammed Raoof. His edited those picture only in one hour. So… now, you know that Angry Birds is not real and it just an imagination.

And, I want to tell you that the meaning of Angry Birds. Angry Birds means the birds make the player angry. And, Angry Birds is not a app game or even product, but it’s a brand.



The cutest animal in the world, CAT! 😀

Here we go…

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What do you think about these pictures? but, the most important one is this picture 😀

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The History of “LALANG SEMBAWA”

Here is the story about my village…

Pada saat pertama Belanda masuk ke desa ini, desa ini masih memiliki banyak pohon–pohon karet. Oleh karena itu, pihak Belanda mencoba mengetahui sedikit tentang pohon itu dengan bertanya kepada penduduk di desa itu. Setelah mendapat penjelasan dari para penduduk, pihak Belanda pun mencoba menyelidiki satu pohon karet. Lalu setelah Pihak Belanda menyelediki, pihak Belanda mengambil kesimpulan bahwa pohon itu bagus untuk berbisnis karena kokoh tetapi sayangnya bau. Maka, pihak Belanda kemudian menamai desa itu menjadi “LAND BAU”, yang berarti daratan yang bau, karena di daratan tersebut terdapat banyak pohon karet yang menghasilkan getah yang bau. Oleh pihak Belanda, Land Bau diciptakan menjadi tempat yang mempunyai peran yang sangat penting, yaitu sebagai tempat Jawatan Karet.

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I almost format all my data in my harddisk or even flashdisk. For my harddisk, it can detect by the laptop but the laptop ask me to format it first…At that time, I was so confused,,… while the flashdisk can accept my file, it’s about 5GB.

But, finally I solve it after Iask my senior in my school. Here is the solution…

1. For your HDD error

Try to open your cmd, by typing it in search program and files.And, you need to write this chkdsk /r /f h*: and then, press enter and wait until it’s normal again.

*it based on your HDD location, e.g Danang (f), so just change it with f…

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Lion Went Orphanage

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Sunday, 29th July 2012

All lion members and our beloved house parent, Bu Titik went to Orphanage in BLPT. Unlucky, some of us couldn’t join because of joined competitions. Althought, we missed some of us, we still be so spirit to go there. We brought some gift for the children there. After 30 minutes, we arrived in the BLPT by using public transportation. Then, we continued it by walking. After 10 minutes, we reach the orphanage. The name of this orphanage is “Restu Bunda”. Actually, it was the first time for grade 11 and 10, but for grade 11 it was not. There, we gave the gift to the children. They were so cute and kind. Then, we continued it by praying and introducting each other. And, we invited those children to play outside. We could see their happiness althought all of we were fasting include the children. I really proud with them. Finally, after a hour we farewell to all member of the orphanage. Then, we came back to the school by using transmusi…:)

Finish, thank you for reading it….

The Beauty of Islam

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Here are some pictures the beauty of Islam. As we know that Islam has so many variety of mousqe and etc….

Thanks For Watch It 🙂

7 Best Europe Movies by Danang’s Sites

1. Transformers 3

It’s the best movie for me, because when you watch this you’ll feel like in the modern era. You’ll see so many robot from the cars. Actually, it’s about Autobot that want to keep the Earth from the Decepticonts. Then, there’ll be so many fighting about Optimus Prime and friends….Watch it now!

2. Madagascar 3

For this movies, i really recommended to you because it’s so funny and we can study about a family. This movies is about a group of animal that want come back to their zoo, but on the way they find a police animal hunter. Then, a group of animal join to the circus for save from the police.
Do you want more?….Buy it now…

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