My Story about PES 2012

1. Play PES2012 Without Installation

Do you know how to play PES 2012 without installation?

Here, I’ll tell it to you. Actually, you just need to put a code in registery edit….

Here is the code…(just put in notepad and save as .reg)

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

“installdir”=”C:\\KONAMI\\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012*

*Based on your installation PES 2012 Location, e.g You install it in D…

So, it will be “D:\\Pro Evolution Soccer 2012”

2. How to Play Pes 2012 Online

For this case, you should have or bought the real caset. I mean that you should buy the original one. WHY???

Because online can detect your caset code, and to get a correct code you need to buy the ori one. After that, you can sign up in KONAMI….and just open your PES and login.

3. Update Your Own PES 2012

Hmm…I think update your own PES 2012 is really important because you’ll feel like you have the real team…

And, how to update your PES 2012, you just need to download the updater ….

If myself, I recommend to you to download PESEDIT and if you want Indonesian update just use GISL…

Now, I’m using PESEDIT 4.0…All the player already move to the right team and also there are so many new kits.


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