The cutest animal in the world, CAT! 😀

Here we go…

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What do you think about these pictures? but, the most important one is this picture 😀

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The History of “LALANG SEMBAWA”

Here is the story about my village…

Pada saat pertama Belanda masuk ke desa ini, desa ini masih memiliki banyak pohon–pohon karet. Oleh karena itu, pihak Belanda mencoba mengetahui sedikit tentang pohon itu dengan bertanya kepada penduduk di desa itu. Setelah mendapat penjelasan dari para penduduk, pihak Belanda pun mencoba menyelidiki satu pohon karet. Lalu setelah Pihak Belanda menyelediki, pihak Belanda mengambil kesimpulan bahwa pohon itu bagus untuk berbisnis karena kokoh tetapi sayangnya bau. Maka, pihak Belanda kemudian menamai desa itu menjadi “LAND BAU”, yang berarti daratan yang bau, karena di daratan tersebut terdapat banyak pohon karet yang menghasilkan getah yang bau. Oleh pihak Belanda, Land Bau diciptakan menjadi tempat yang mempunyai peran yang sangat penting, yaitu sebagai tempat Jawatan Karet.

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Come back again with me, Danang. I am a hockey player in SMAN Sumsel (Sampoerna Academy). I just know this game from this school itself because in my elementary and junior high school before there were no. This game also not too different with futsal game, but it just need to use hockey stick that’s heavy enoughy. And, we need to use our left hand to control it. I usually play outdoor hockey. Then, I would to tell you about the differences between hockey indoor and outdoor.

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I almost format all my data in my harddisk or even flashdisk. For my harddisk, it can detect by the laptop but the laptop ask me to format it first…At that time, I was so confused,,… while the flashdisk can accept my file, it’s about 5GB.

But, finally I solve it after Iask my senior in my school. Here is the solution…

1. For your HDD error

Try to open your cmd, by typing it in search program and files.And, you need to write this chkdsk /r /f h*: and then, press enter and wait until it’s normal again.

*it based on your HDD location, e.g Danang (f), so just change it with f…

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Hello guys,

Now, I just want to share something about my mid exam that I have done.

There were more than 5 subjects of exam that we should done. They were Math, Bio, Chemistry, Physics, ICT, Civic, History, Bahasa Indonesia and Inggris,etc.

First, I always try to study. But, for the first day of exam, I was not lucky. I was so nervous. It made me confused and it affected to my score in Math and Bio which were 53 and 70. I was so shy. But, for the next day and the other days, I tried to be really serious. As the result, I got above 90….but for english and chemistry, I got 78 and 83. Unfortunately again, I just got 74 for my Bahasa Indonesia.

But, I could say Alhamdulillah….for giving the best in my life.

7 Moments Manchester United vs Liverpool FC 23-09-12


I’m Liverpudlians, I just wanna review about last match of Liverpool FC. As I had seen before, Liverpool FC was lose with Manchester United with score 1-2. So, I’ll tell you 7 moments on that match:

1. RED!!! Card for Jonjo Shelvey….

Actually, the match just started normally but when it was at 39 minutes something happen. Jonjo Shelvey got a red card just because of tackling Ryan Giggs. I knowed that tackle is dangerous but I think the refree should give a yellow card first or anythinh else….

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How to Make an Anayltical Exposition

Yesterday, my group who are Imong, Edo, Dayat, Gemela, and Putra and I had finish English Project. As my project group result, we will share the knowlegde about Anaytical Expostion.

Here about Anaytical Exposition…

1. Definition

A text that elaborates the writer‘s idea about the phenomenon surrounding

2. Social Function

To explain or influence audience (listener or reader) that there is a problem that should be noticed

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7 Player That Made a Great Techniques Based on This Blog

1. Roberto Carlos

He ever made a great goal with a great technique. It was before World Cup ’98, at that time he shooted a strong freekick into Fabian Barthez goal. As you know, his shooted was curved on the air or we usually called it as ‘Banana kick’….and then a goal was made by him.

2. David Bechkam

As we know, David Bechkam has a great kick. He always make a goal from the freekick. I called it as the second master of ‘Banana kick’.

3. Zinedine Zidane

Even he ever made a big mistake on the final World Cup 2006, he still become a legend. A red with Materazi doesn’t make any sense if we seen his penalty goal, that usually we called as ‘Panenka’. It’s also continue by Pirlo on semifinal Euro Cup 2012.

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Hi, guys…come back with me…

Now, I want to tell you about our living in dormitory. Actually, we have 4 dormitories which are building A, B, C, and D. But, the school divided it 2 for girls and 2 for boys. Then, when I was the first time in this school, I got building D as my dorm. At that time, I have 4 roommate who were Abang Raven Dwi Pawangsa, Kak Tegar Satria, and Akhmad Zaki. The number of that room was D-207.

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My Projects

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Here, I want to tell you about my projects, which are Biology and Art.

Those homework are the most difficult…because it need passion and long time. As you know, I needed 4 days to do Art project and then, I needed a week to do Biology project. For Art project I need to draw a Majapahit culture and make point on the picture while for Biology project I need to make an herbarium about mahogany and make the description about that tree…

Finally, I could finish all in my home…so in the school I don’t have any project anymore…


Above that are the pictures about my projects.