El-4, by using that name people usually called us. Besides, the people called my class as Kesupat too.Then, Kesupat itself means that Keluarga Sepuluh Empat while El-4 is Ever Lasting Four because I was the ex of that class now on. Now, i’m in the eleven grader. But, for now i just want to tell you about my experiences in X.4….

In that class, I have so many friends from other regions. Then, they’re so kind. The members of my class itself are me, Alief, Aprizky, Debby, Dian, Ema, Elis, Jisung, Gemela, Hendro, Icha P, Icha S, Billy, Adnin, Irwin, Rian, Nizmah, Cemonk, Martin, Vici, Panji, Taufan…

And, we have Pak Aryo Tohjoyo as our advisor. I thought that class was so solid because when we had food we would like to share each other. So, we would happy and sad together. Then, we ever build two group in my class which were Sandai Gemilang and Kecebong. I could say X.4 as the second OVJ.

I think that all about my X.4 class

Just continue your reading to…. XI. Scie I


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